Sunday, July 26, 2009

Goodbye Needle-Turn, Hello Button-Hole!

This past week I have been so frustrated that I've dreaded quilting and put off working on the Sunny Floral Applique quilt. Why? Simple. I had forgotten how much I hate to needle-turn!

On Friday, I concluded that clenching my teeth, tightening my shoulders, getting a stress-headache, and the pain in my neck just wasn't going to cut it. And I wasn't even half finished with the first block, Mexican Rose!

Once I came to the conclusion that needle-turn must go and button-hole must come to my aid, I literally breathed an audible sigh of relief. That made me laugh, as that was the very second that I realized how much I hate needle-turning.

Quilting should be fun. Not stressful. Ya think?


  1. Yes, it should be fun. Can you elaborate on the button-hole technique? Thank you!

  2. Button-Hole is my favorite!!!! I wrote a tutorial on how to get started with it:
    Hope this tutorial explains it well. It also has graphics to help!

    It is so easy and I really like the look, too. I am a button-hole girl, I guess.


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