Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Inspiration For Designing Quilts

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Designing quilts is a passion for me. My mind is always on the alert for ideas and new quilts. It is something that you make yourself aware of to begin with, then it just happens automatically. Quilt ideas soon begin leaping at you from everywhere and when you see a design and share it with a non-quilter... well, just know that your creativity may go unnoticed, ignored, and under-appreciated!

I moved into my new cottage in early May (quite a downsize!) and I've been going through my storage... sorting items into the "keep" pile, the "donate" pile, and the "sell it" pile. This is quite a monumental task, as I went from 3000 sq. ft. down to 600! I am having to be very, very selective; something that I am definitely not used to.

Well, Monday, I found a rug that I had forgotten I had. I purchased it about five or six years ago with the single thought that this would make the most spectacular pattern for a wallhanging! It is floral (imagine that from me), by nature, with a hummingbird, which simply "looks" like it has the grand potential to become a gorgeous appliqué design. I think it'll be my "next spring" project. This is one of the most difficult aspects of designing for me; thinking that far into the future!


  1. Great article Terry. I have often seen objects that give me ideas for a quilt design. I don't think I ever followed through on them but often I see some ideas in the oddest places.

  2. I can't wait to see the hummingbird pattern you come up with. We have hummingbirds every year at our feeders.


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